Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Green River

We have finally settled in to Green River after 888 miles of driving that has been alternately spectacular and mind-numbingly monotonous.  Green River is quaint in a good way, but the many shuttered restaurants and hotels suggest that it has seen better times.  The last two restaurants standing (Ray's Tavern and Tamarisk) are enthusiastically recommended by everyone in response to nearly any question ("Hardware store? Nope, but, Ray's Tavern has great burgers!").   

I also stopped by the history museum on a complete whim to check if they had any useful maps or books.  It seems like everyone here asks why you are here and after mentioning to a woman overseeing the small museum and shop that we were here on research, she answered "Oh, I know who you are. You're the guy from Stanford going to look at the CO2 near Crystal Geyser?"  After a few seconds of me just staring at her in complete disbelief, she explained that she was the mother of one of the mule handlers that is coming to help us tomorrow.  Leaving the museum she mentioned that if he was late, we should just give her a holler and she could get him up and moving.  Thanks Mom!

We have settled in to the lovely Robbers Roost which offers clean rooms, warm showers, high-speed internet, HBO, and all for $34 a night to boot. We are meeting John Hauer at Tamarisk tomorrow morning for breakfast, so I guess it will be Ray's Tavern this evening!

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